Crystorama Chandeliers

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Crystorama Chandeliers


Crystorama is one of the most sought-after brand names in lighting. As the winner of the prestigious 2015 Arts Award for Excellence in the lighting fixture category, Crystorama is a design leader.


The company was founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1958 by Abraham Kleinberg; today his son Brad carries on the family business. Crystorama began by importing crystal and brass chandeliers from Bohemia in northern former Czechoslovakia and evolved into a dominant producer of interior decorative chandeliers. The company works with design communities in Europe, India, Asia and North America, and combines its legacy and experience with current art and design trends to produce some of the most beautiful light fixtures on the planet.


Range of Choices


Of their products, their line of chandeliers and mini-chandeliers is the most iconic. From a thirty-seven light antique-inspired Maria Theresa gold and crystal chandelier to a three-light Solaris modern mini-chandelier, Crystorama offers a vast range of styles. Modern chandeliers are particularly popular with today’s homeowners, who cherish the traditional use of chandeliers but love Crystorama’s contemporary designs. Solaris, for example, with its careful attention to detail and its art-inspired design, is like sculpture for the home. The Solarus is available in various sizes, perfect for a room of any dimension. While the largest model is certain to become a focal point of a large space, the mini-chandelier is a perfect way to add elegance to a condo dining room or other small area.


Materials are also important to Crystorama. They manufacture chandeliers and mini-chandeliers from fine metals that include gold, silver, steel, bronze, nickel, chrome, polished brass glass, pewter, wrought iron, gold leaf and silver leaf. Added elements include white crystal, hand cut crystal, Swarovski crystal and teak accents. Some of the company’s chandeliers also include coloured glass or crystal, drum shades or metal work in floral design.


Crystorama approaches each chandelier like a blank canvas. Designers take inspiration from art, architecture, fashion and more to create designs that bring both light and beauty to the homes of their customers.


In addition to chandeliers, Crystorama features sconces, medallions, ceiling mount lights, pendants, lanterns and bathroom vanity lights.


Buying a Crystorama Chandelier


Crystorama maintains a large showroom in Dallas, Texas, but much of their business is online. For Canadian homeowners, it’s best to order from an online lighting specialist in Canada. Ordering from the U.S. often means added cross-border brokerage fees and other costs. Reputable Canadian online lighting merchants offer lighting from many different manufacturers. They also provide customers with advice and product support.


Shopping online is extremely convenient; you can choose the hours that you need, without worrying about whether the store is open. You can take as much time as you want to consider various possibilities and designs, and you can do all of it from home. If you choose a good online merchant, you can rest assured that their returns policy will protect you in case the fixture isn’t exactly what you expected. And of course, online purchases are delivered right to your door.


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